Sandgate Safari Sale: Sabina has a new dress!

Through the generosity of those who either bought from the stall or ‘Went up the Tower’ at Ullyett Cottage during the Sandgate Safari Sale, Sabina now has a new dress.

With the funds raised Commat (the Commonwealth Medical Trust) was able to buy a treadle sewing machine for the women in the remote village of Nkuringo, in Western Uganda and they have since been busy learning how to use it. They have made skirts for themselves and clothes for their children, and will now start making school uniforms for young children which can then be sold.

The women have also entertained tourists at one of the lodges in the area and have each been given a hen bought from the proceeds raised. The hens will provide eggs, with chicks being reared as well.

Do read the latest issue of the Gorilla gazette at newsletter. There will also be another one at the end of the month…

Thank you for your support Marianne (Haslegrave)