Help keep Sandgate beautiful and LITTER FREE

Litter Picking Kits now available from outside the Library

Padlock Code: 079

Fancy some exercise or an activity with your children or grandchildren that will also help your village? Then why not do some litter picking to help keep our village, sea and beaches litter free. Sandgate Parish Council have provided community litter picking kits, which are now available to borrow from outside of the library. Inside the chest are litter pickers, hoops, bags and gloves. There are 20 pickers in total so it is perfect for a group activity.

All you need is the code to unlock the storage box which you can get from emailing or from the library staff during library open hours. Then sign it out in the notebook provided and off you go. When you’ve finished just return the equipment to the box and sign it back in.

What to do with the full litter bags?

· Leave by a council public bin and they will be collected by the council.

· If you could separate the recycling and take it home in a separate bag that would be brilliant

· If you are really keen 😊 Surfers Against Sewage are running a campaign where they are asking volunteers to sort and enter data about what they collect. For more details got to Surfers Against Sewage Million Mile Clean

We’d love to know how you got on so take a photo of your activity or filled bags and email it to

A couple of unfun litter facts…

· A crisp packet can take up to 80 to 100 years to decompose

· ‘Only Rain Down the Drain’ Litter or other pollutants that wash down drains in the streets go straight into a local watercourse or directly out the overflow pipes onto the beach or into the sea. That’s one of the many reasons it’s so important to keep Sandgate litter free.

A partnership of the Sandgate Society, Sandgate Parish Council & Sandgate Environmental Action group.

Sandgate Parish Council & Sandgate Society