Patron: Sir Roger De Haan CBE DL

President:  Euan Williamson

Vice-President: Marjorie Findlay- Stone

Chair:  Sal Kenward

Vice chairVicki Fisher

Treasurer Andrew Lawley

Minute secretaryHazel Barrett

Membership co-ordinatorToni Miles

Events Team: Maggie Brinsden (supported by Vicki Fisher, Sal Kenward & Hazel Barrett) 

Conservation & planning: Rosemary Sanders (co-optee)  (supported by Guy Valentine-Neale)

Communications: Guy Valentine-Neale

Committee members: Adrian Watts, Steve Blunt

ArchivistJill Partridge (supported by Bob Preedy, Annie Bamford, Christine Bleach & Frank Pyke)

Past Presidents

2011 Linda Rene-Martin

2000 Reginald Turnill

1997 Geoffrey Edmunds

1996  Dennis Vorley

1978-1995 Ruby Greenwall

Past Chairman

2015-2019 Marjorie Findlay-Stone

2008 Roger Joyce

2007 Jan Holben

2001 Roger Joyce

2000 Conrad Hughes

2000 Roy Brightman

1998 Ann Nevill

1997 Reginald Turnill

1990 Geoffrey Edmunds

1987 Mollie Hornsby

1984 Dennis Vorley

1983 Mollie Hornsby

1978 Dennis Vorley

1962 Ruby Greenwall


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