Archives Team Update


L/R Frank Pyke, Jill Partridge, Annie Bamford, Bob Preedy

As we are now into a New Year (and we wish you all a very Happy one) I felt we should update all our members as to what we have been doing in the Archives these past few months. I have to say sadly that Barbara Baker a very valued member of our team sadly passed away in November, she will be greatly missed having worked in the archives for many years and been responsible for looking after our huge photograph collection, Barbara was always a joy to work with.

During 2017 we have made huge progress in the task of updating and re- arranging our vast collection of documents, which are now in good order both in the files and on the computer. We have had a very interesting display of both pictures and documents relating to Sandgate Castle in the library, and had a very successful Exhibition in the reading room one evening last November; which was very well attended, some very rewarding comments and of course a welcome glass of wine and nibbles for all our visitors.

This year we are starting off by having a visit in February from Casper Smithson whose company will be hopefully taking on the task of Digitising our Archive, it will be a long and intensely busy project both for his company and of course for your Archive team.

In November we will be holding another Exhibition evening which we hope will be as well received as the last one, we look forward to seeing as many of our members as possible. This year it will be to Commemorate the 100 years since the end of World War 1 and how Sandgate and its residents were affected by the war.

Jill Partridge on behalf of the Archive Team



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